Wednesday, December 01, 2004

La Union Long Weekends: Part 1

November 2004
Due to Ramadan and National Heros' Day, we were given two long weekends for the month of November. And due to Mother Nature's rather capricious um, nature, we were also given good conditions for surfing. So off I went to La Union twice this month -- yay!
Trip One (November 14/15) was semi-work related as the team from TxTube was also there to shoot some segments for the show. It was semi for me as I am not really a full time member of the team but do pitch in every once in a while.
Some people from capoeira were with me this time around -- including my two teachers! It was good to be able to hang out with them outside of training as it had been quite a while. Then again I didn't really spend a lot of time hanging out either cos while the swell conditions were less than ideal though -- rather small. But since I hadn't properly surfed in a while, I wasn't going to be picky.
Apparently there were more than a few of us who had the same game plan in mind. At one time there were just under 50 of us in the line-up sharing a small section of the beach. Every wave was a party wave -- this was no time to be selfish about what little swell we were being given. I ran over two Japanese guys two separate times -- and conversely got run into a bunch of times as well. But it was all good.
Other highlights:
- Paolo coming over to me while I was mucking about at the shoulder and saying "what are you doing there? Come with me. Now." And I meekly (haha) followed him to the peak. He pushed me into the first two waves just "to help (me) get my mojo back." And it worked! After that, I was on my own at the peak... but catching rides. So... thanks Pao Pao!
- Hanging around a bonfire listening to people jam on guitar and percussions. Then later watching as Pao and Pino spun fire. My failed attempt at trying it sober has proven one thing: I am much braver (or more stupid) when I am under the influence. Haha!
- Dressing up as The Flash and the Wonder Twins just because. Then paddling out and attempting to catch a wave. Paolo did. Me? Not so much. But it was fun to laugh like that again. That kind of laughter where you think you may just swallow your own tongue. Haha!
- Just enjoying the feel of my board undulating in the water... looking around and seeing everyone else in the water... the waves were crapand yet there we were... just taking whatever Mother Ocean gave us... and being grateful for it.


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