Monday, December 13, 2004

The Bizaare Bazaar

What. A. Weekend. And while it wasn't technically travel related, it was a trip! See, a few of us got together last Sunday and held a full-scale sale at Ana's house. We'd been prepping for it for the last two weeks. Making sure our goods were all in order, figuring out how to make the payment system work and inviting everyone we knew to the event. Because really, this wasn't just any bazaar... this was the Bizaare Bazaar... a sale like no other.
Noelle and I pimped our Brown Belly products and looked like a slice of Hawaii with our fake flowers and beach inspired gear. (Taking full advantage of the whimsical mood of the day, I donned my pink & orange butterfly wings and never looked back.) Ana took care of Bohemiana (naturally) and the horde of goodies she'd brought back from a recent trip to Japan. Looking at her booth made you automatically think "Oh Tokyo!" Talia's Beadnik tent displayed the treats she bought during her 6 week trip to Mexico... very south of the border. Her Brazilian-inspired beaded thongs were the biggest hit I think, eliciting both gasps of indignation and admiration (sometimes from the same person). Representing Manila in this accidental international fare were Cat (Planet Zips), dear friends Regine and Mon (owners of Sit) with their dog couches and the girls of Wildberry with their lovely clothes.
All in all it was a success ... with family, friends and friends of family friends dropping by to have a look around, fill their Christmas lists and sit a spell by Ana's pool. During sales lulls, even us booth owners would take time out to hang out and enjoy the balmy weather. There was one lull where we were ALL bored and just sat around staring at Mexican jumping beans. But lulls dont last long and by 4 in the afternoon we were back at our stations, at the ready... writing our receipts and talking hesitant customers into buying our goods.
One of the best moments of the day came in the form of Regine's niece, Regina... a four year old darling dressed in head to toe pink. She asked if she could help me sell things and of course I let her. I've never seen a more focused four year old! Every time I would walk away -- to get a drink of water for example - she would run after me, grab my hand and say "Tita Kage, we cant leave the stall. What if someone wants to buy from us?" Duly reprimanded, I would let her lead me back so we could hawk flower pins, Indo pants and tube tops together. At one point, she picked up the Brown Belly calling card and asked me what it was. After I'd explained that my number and Noelle's were on it in case someone wanted to call us she asks "Where is my name?" Precious. Any time this child wants to help out, she is more than welcome.

We finally closed up shop at 8pm and began the business packing up what was left of our goods. It was only then that all the adrenaline I'd been running on all day started leaving my body. Damn, I was tired! In fact, we all were. And yet, oddly enough, it was a good kind of tired. I had spent the day promoting my line... with my friends... sharing the occasional beer. And we made money to boot.

Like I said... what a weekend!

Some photos from the day:
One of the Brown Belly tables.

Napoleon models the couch named after him. Good dog.

Talia, Cat and the energetic Mexican Jumping Beans.


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