Saturday, January 01, 2005


We are a global village. We do not live in a vacuum. As the world continues to modernize, we are seeing the truth in those statements more often.
What this is leading to is a plea -- that if you can help those who have been dealt horrible blows by the natural disasters of the past month, please do.
There were the typhoons in the Philippines. Several organizations are continuing the relief effort among them GMA Foundation and the ABS-CBN Foundation.
Just after Christmas, a Tsunami swept an entire region. (In case you didn't know - the tsunami affected countrie as far apart as Sumatra and Somalia... the last time a tsunami of any magnitude was even spotted in the Indian Ocean was back in 1883 when Krakatau exploded.)
So here's what I think people should do if they are able:
Go to google... do a search on how to get aid of any form to the victims... or for ways to support the relief workers. The websites of CNN and the BBC have great links for specific organizations and foundations.
Thanks... be well and travel safely through 2005.


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