Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Clark Air Show

February 12, 2005
Waking up with the day to travel to the Clark air field in Pampanga to watch balloons go up with the sun.
In the sweltering heat, head tilted backward as Pilot Meynard Halili put his shiny red bi-plane through its paces. Standing with a dozen other photographers, listening to our shutters click at the same time, as skydivers floated towards our lenses. Devouring a crab cooked in coconut milk and another sautéed in its own fat. Wandering around taking photos of kids flying kites. Seeking shelter under tarpaulin tents. Shopping at a nearly deserted Paskuhan Village.

Sleepy… trigger-happied out… lulled into dreamland by the music of Abra Moore… making our way back to Manila.

For more photos check out:

Thank you to Mike Marasigan for the access passes and to Mama, Cat and Paolo for the excellent company.


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